We are currently looking for Division Managers and Human Resourcing staff to join our team.
Both positions will require a NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) to be filled out, as you will have access to (some) sensitive information.



As a community driver, it's as simple as the title says, you will be a driver for the community, this position will require some specific things, which can be found outlined below. Still interested? Why not apply!

Application Form


Recruitment is now open to join our Media Team, please see to our Discord Server for the role requirements.

Application Form

Driver Requirements

» Drivers must be aged 13+ to comply with Discord's TOS.
» Members are required to have their bans displayed publically, on the TruckersMP website.
» Members are required to be part of the TruckersMP VTC Group.
» You must have no more than 4 bans on your profile, and no active bans at the time of applying.
» You must not be registered to any other VTC at the time of applying.
» Members must be part of the Nexus Transport Discord Server.
» Members must be aged 13+ on the Discord Server, to co-operate with the Discord Terms of Service
» All members are to follow the Discord Terms of Service, regardless of what situation you may be in.


To comply with GDPR regulations, we must outline what information we store on our systems, this information is stored securely, and can only be accessed by people who need to access it. We share some of your information with other organisations to enable our systems to fully work.

For a full in-depth breakdown on what information we store, visit our Privacy Policy which outlines what information is used/shared.