Welcome to Nexus Transport Group

Welcome to Nexus Transport Group.
We're a Virtual Trucking Company that proudly supports the TruckersMP and Truckspace Group community, we were established in 2020, and have since then worked our way towards being the community you see today.

Our systems have been designed by Mark, and coded by HuckinB, with the help of Mark with some of the code here and there, our systems utilise Laravel and the Truckspace Group API, which implements Navio.app into our systems.

With all that in mind, we do need a drivers team to assist us with our daily operations, and that's where you come into play with all of this!
We're looking to hire passionate drivers & members into our community, that can truly bring the Nexus Transport Group name to the top, we cannot do this without the help from our community, and that's why we want you to join our team.

If you have any questions, at all - please reach out to us via our Discord server, or via our Twitter (@NexusVTC / @NexusVTCINTL).

We look forward to seeing you around.

Best wishes,
Mark Davison
Nexus Transport Group
Chief Executive Officer / Founder

Published 18/02/2022 03:10

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