Changes to our Policies - June 2022

We've always striven as a community, for being a 0 requirement community, but after reviewing the recent inactivity of our drivers, we have decided to implement a 4 job requirement per month, as well as a 1 event requirement per month, which means that you will be required to complete 4 jobs per month, and attend at least 1 event during this time.

We, as a community are looking to try and get our name out there much more, and we need people to help us out with this, so will be monitoring activity and making necessary changes where needed.

If you cannot commit to the 4 job requirement, and 1 event requirement, then you can contact a member of management to be added to our reduced minimums list, which will mean that you are exempt from these requirements

However, please note, the reduced minimums list will only be accessible if you are accepted for this.

We understand that our community members have lives outside of the community, but we're here as a community, which is why we need members to get together to support one another.

Our policies via the Website, Discord and TruckersMP will be changed over the next few days.

Best wishes,
Mark Davison
Nexus Transport Group
Chief Executive Officer

Published 03/06/2022 17:40

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