We're a Virtual Trucking Company that proudly supports the TruckersMP and Truckspace Group community.
Our goal(s) have always been to put our community first, and with that being said, we are proud to be a minimal requirements community, meaning you only have to complete two jobs per month with us.

Of course, we allow our drivers to put as much time as they wish into the community, and your commitment to the community never goes un-noticed, we'll eventually be introducing incentives for the most jobs per month, this could be Steam vouchers, DLC, or even gift vouchers for online stores, but this is entirely down to the community, with how much they do as a whole.


 Standard division

This division primarily deals with our day-to-day deliveries, this is the team you'll be assigned to from the start of your journey.

 heavy haul division

Our Heavy Haul division deals with all of our Heavy deliveries, requiring that extra step of safety and concentration on the roads.


Our Flatbed division primarily works around the Docks, and Railway areas, taking container shipments to our customers.

 Hazmat Division

Our Hazmat division works closely with hazardous materials, such as fuel and chemicals, ensuring they're delivered safely.


We have various divisions within the community, all of which have different purposes, and different ways of working, each division has a specified "Division Manager" which oversees the daily operations of that team, whilst also building up bi-weekly statistics for the team to see.

These statistics, are based on your progress within the division, and progression as a whole, allows for further development within the team, whether it be promotions, or general recognition.

Ways to progress

Some of the ways our Division Managers look at progressing you, is simply by your activity within the community.

If they see that you are ambitious about the community, and are putting in a few hours delivering, you may be asked about promotions, or will be recognise as a Driver of The Month, which gets updated every month by the Executive Team.

Changes to our Policies - June 2022

We've always striven as a community, for being a 0 requirement community, but after reviewing the recent inactivity of our drivers, we have decided to make some changes.

Posted by ItsMeerken 03/06/2022 17:40