Nexus Transport Group

About us

Nexus Transport may be fairly new to the VTC Scene, but what we plan to bring to the community could potentially be game changing for the rest of the community as a whole.
As a community, we strive in making all of our members welcome, with everything being built for the community.

All of our drivers have access to our very own bespoke system(s), which allows them to carry out tasks for the community, in return for points and credits, which can then be redeemed to purchase vouchers from the Executives team, we'll also be hosting monthly giveaway incentives for drivers who complete the most deliveries, the top 10 people who complete deliveries will be automatically entered into a random draw, allowing them to win prizes chosen by the Executive team.

We are proud to be a minimal requirement(s) community, which makes us stand out from the other communities that are part of the TruckersMP community, we also have ambitions to partner with other communities soon.

A Message from our Founder

We initially created Nexus Transport Group at the start of the 2020 pandemic, Ryan and I were sat in calls late at night discussing ways we can boost the community just that little bit more, and that's where the idea to start Nexus came from.

Both Ryan and I have been around the Virtual Trucking community for many years now, and have been in a range of positions, allowing us to have this opportunity as a whole.

Since we both initially met up in 2021, we've boosted the way we run this community all around, and have big ambitions for the future of the community, and we want you to join us on our journey.

Our Executive Team


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer


Chief Operating Officer